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In order to accomplish the mission, the institution aims to achieve following objectives:-

1. To produce quality teachers who are really proud to be a teacher and truly consider teaching as a valuable occupation.

2. To enlighten students soul with the power of intellect & spirituality.

3. To develop common concern for the pollution free environment.

4. To create readiness & courage to fight against social evils prevailing in society.

5. To initiate the participation of students in Co-curricular activities, essential to the growth of social skills, recreational temper and a balanced personality.

6. To develop character of students; qualities like integrity, honesty, Judgment,
Co-operation goodwill should be inculcated.

7. To provide 'true professionals' in the field of education.

8. To uplift the weaker section of society so that they can find a suitable place in main stream society.

9. To take concrete steps to accomplish the aim ' empowerment of women' by organising various programmes like ' Career & guidance courses' for girls.

10. To Collaborate with other local as well as National & International educational agencies.

11. To provide congenial atmosphere for faculty members for their professional growth.

12. To create an environment where new technology as ICT replaces the older one for
the betterment of the teaching learning process.

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