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Psychology Lab

Any Institution is assessed in proper sense if it bears required number of Laboratories. In any education college, Educational Psychology Lab plays an important role to train pupil - Teachers for assessing the behaviour of their Prospective Students. Our institution has established a well furnished Educational Psychology Lab equipped with the latest standardized verbal as well as non-verbal test and also the required apparatus according to the need of our Training Programme. The Lab is situated in a spacious room with the availability of the required furniture, almirahs etc. In this lab the pupil teachers get an opportunity to perform various verbal and non-verbal tests from time to time under the guidance and supervision of their teacher. The teacher incharge keeps a proper record of all the results obtained from these tests so that pupil teachers may be guided or counselled as when required. The Psychology helps in providing a room for the self realization of our students in real sense.

List of Tests & Apparatus

Intelligence Tests
Group test of general mental ability by S. Jalota
Samuhik Sadharan Mansik Yogyata Pariksha by S. Jalota
Advanced Progressive Matrices by Raven
Standard Progressive Matrices by Raven
Personality Tests
Maudsley Personality Inventor (M.P.I) by H.J. Eysenck
Hindi version of Maudsley Personality Inventory by S. Jalota & S.D. Kapoor.
16 Personality Factor Questionnaire by Cattell
Indian Modification of the Thematic Apperception Test (T.A.T.) by Uma Chowdhury
Interest Tests
Vocational Interest record (Both Hindi & English Version) by S.P. Kulshrestha
Educational Interest Record by S.P. Kulshrestha
Creativity Tests
Non Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCF) by Baqer Mehdi
Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCW) by Baqer Mehdi
Aptitude Tests
Differential Aptitude Test
Teaching Aptitude Test Battery(T.A.T.B.) by Dr. R. P. Singh & Dr. S. N. Sharma
Teaching Aptitude Test(T.A.T.) by Dr. S.D. Kapoor
Scientific Knowledge & Aptitude Test by S. Chatterji & M. Mukherji
Attitude Tests
Teacher Attitude Scale (TAS) by J.C. Goyal
Science Attitude Scale (SAS) by Dr. (Mrs.) Avinash Grewal
Miscellaneous Tests
School Adjustment Inventory by N.M. Bhagia
Teacher Effectiveness Scale by Dr. Parmod Kumar & Dr. D.N. Mutha
Bhatia's Battery of Performance test of Intelligence
Memory Drum (Hand Operated) with Manual
Mirror Drawing Electrical with Manual
Human Maze Learning pointed (Electrical) with Manual
Tachistoscope (Fall Door Type) Span of Attention with Manual & Cards
Finger Dexterity Board with Pins and Manual