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Science & Maths


List of Equipments

Sr. No. Equipments
1. Microscope—Simple Compound Microscopes
2. Charts
Human Digestive System
Human Circulatory System
Human Respiratory System
Human Excretory System
Human Reproductive System
Human Nervous System
Structure of Human Eye
Structure of Human Ear
Internal Structure of Heart
3. Preserved Specimens
Star Fish
Life History of Honey Bee
Life History of House Fly
4. Stuffed Specimen
House Sparrow
5. Models
Human Respiratory System
Human Circulatory System
Human Nervous System
Human Digestive System
Human Lungs
Model of Human Eye
Model of Human Ear
Model of Heart
6. Permanent Slides
7. Brushes
8. Bloating Paper
9. Filter Paper
10. Dissecting Trays
11. Slide Boxes
12. Test Tube Stand
13. Test Tube Holders
14. Glass Apparatus
Plain Slides
Cover Slips
Beakers 500ml
Beakers 250ml
Glass Trough
Patridishes 4”
Test Tubes
Reagent Bottle 250ml
Reagent Bottle 125ml
Reagent Bottle 60ml
Spirit Lamps
15. Chemicals
Hydrochloric Acid
Nitric Acid
Methyl Red
Methyl Blue
Benedict Solution
DPX Mount
Starch Solution
Iodine Solution
Sulphuric Acid
Sodium Chloride
Millen’s Reagent

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