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This ultramodern Triple - story hostel has capacity to accommodate 100 boarders and is provided with essential facilities. The authorities are always at hand to assist students at any time. The students are provided peaceful, conducive atmosphere for studies. They are provided moral and career guidance. They are also taken on guided tours also. A recreation room is there for students to meditate and entertain themselves in their vacant time. Newspapers, magazines and other reading material is also provided to them. There are beautiful grassy lawns in front to the hostel.

The hostel charges include all charges including meals. They must be paid according to the given schedule:
At the time of admission Rs. 25,000/-
September Rs. 20,000/-
December Rs. 20,000/-
It Includes Rs. 5000/- as security fee that is refundable to the candidate who completes the session and all her dues have been paid.


  • The warden will take the roll call every evening in the common room of the hostel at a particular time. The boarders must not leave the hostel after the roll call.
  • Every boarder must sleep for the night in her own room. Sleeping in other’s room is not permitted. Offenders shall be punished.
  • The boarder must apply for leave to the warden. Leave/absence from the college does not mean leave from the hostel.
  • Normally a student is not allowed to go to home before 15 days.
  • Leave or absence from the hostel for more than three days must be obtained from the teacher incharge of the concerned institution. However, for Sundays and other holidays, residents scholars can get leave merely on applying to the warden before proceeding on leave.
  • Residents absenting themselves without seeking leave from the authorities will be fined heavily and disciplinary action can be taken against them.

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